Yep. I had been waiting. . . . . . .Ever since THE COLLECTOR came out with no fanfare and created an iconic new bad guy and a great movie I have been eagerly awaiting a sequel. CHECK IT OUT. Edge of your seat, bloody, clever, EVIL, well written and well acted. Enjoyed the hell out of it. LOVE the body count, lol. True madness. Anyone else see this gem ? If you havent, go see it and give us a holler and let us know what you think. For me, its a must own for any home horror collection but great to watch on the big screen.

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Well great! I want to see this film with such a fervor that I can't even enjoy my "herbal tea". I loathe going to theaters because people always laugh when I don't & I always seem to laugh at the most inappropriate scenes & receive many disapproving stares. I have however moved myself to a small town & on several occasions I've had the entire place to myself. If I could view "The Collection" without the masses to interfere with my bliss I'd be a happy lost soul for a change. I am thankful you posted this though...I knew it was going to kick ass. 


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I fuckin loved it but was a bit annoyed at the short run time, I hope I get to see it on the big screen but since I live in the UK a doubt it will happen!


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I thought it was pretty decent for a low budget sequel.  Definitely was fast paced.  It didn't seem quite as brutal as the first, but still had some good kills.

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