TV Recap: 'The Walking Dead' Episode 313 - 'Arrow on the Doorpost'



the walking deadThe Walking Dead Episode 313
“Arrow on the Doorpost”
Written By: Ryan C. Coleman
Directed By: David Boyd
Original Airdate: 10 March 2013

In This Episode...

Backed up by Hershel and Daryl, Rick goes to a meeting with the Governor in a barn in a neutral location. The Governor sets aside his weapon as a sign of good faith, but Rick refuses to do the same. A wise bet, considering the Governor has a gun taped to the underside of the table. A car rolls up, carrying Martinez, Milton, and Andrea. Andrea was the one who called this meeting between Rick and the Governor. Rick suggests the prison crew take the land east of the river, while Woodbury takes the west. No trading; no trespassing. The Governor laughs. He is only there for Rick’s surrender. Andrea tries to mediate, but the boys start whipping out their (metaphorical) dicks and kick her out. Not much more happens at the bargaining table. The Governor blames Merle for the Glenn and Maggie abduction; he talks about his wife, who was killed in an accident before the zombie apocalypse; he taunts Rick with the notion that his baby might be Shane’s baby (a fact that Andrea told him); he insists that he never wanted to be “the Governor,” but the people needed a leader. He vows to go to war against Rick and his people - unless Rick turns over Michonne. If he does, then the will leave them all alone. He gives Rick two days to think about it, then they will meet back there.

While the menfolk talk, their posses sit outside impatiently. Things are tense, but a quick zombie kill defrosts things between Daryl and Martinez. After learning the truth behind the Glenn/Maggie abduction, Andrea starts to rethink her living arrangements. Hershel assures her she is always welcome back, but she only gets one shot to make that choice. When the parties finally split, Andrea hesitates, but like an abused girlfriend, goes with the Governor.

The Governor returns to Woodbury and instructs the troops to get ready. He assumes Rick and his team will show up to turn over Michonne. He wants them all dead - all except for Michonne. Things get creepy between the Governor and Andrea. He won’t tell her any of the details of the meeting, and just has this disingenuous demeanor about him.

Meanwhile, Rick goes back to his group and tells them they are going to war. Privately, he tells Hershel about the Michonne deal. Hershel believes Michonne has earned her place with the group. Rick agrees, but is Hershel willing to risk his daughters over it? Rick told Hershel because he wanted him to talk him out of it.

Dig It or Bury It?

This is one of those necessary-but-boring episodes. Nothing was solved; nothing changed. It was almost like a stall tactic to fill the extended (for Walking Dead) season. It's almost war time. All this episode did was put Andrea’s allegiance into question and set up an out for Rick. I am not surprised that Rick is considering this; he has proven to be one of the most morally ambivalent characters on the show. I am surprised, however, that Rick believes this. The Governor obviously holds grudges; why would Rick think he could just forget about them coming into his turf? Maybe it was one of those things that Rick just wants to believe.

Kill o’ the Week

We only had a few brief moments of perfunctory zombie killing, but Martinez wins when he takes a baseball bat to a walker and explodes his head across a silo. Honorable mention goes to Daryl who throws daggers like a circus performer to drop a zombie.


Andrea and Milton realize they need to stop the impending war between prison and Woodbury. To do that, Andrea feels she must kill the Governor.