What's your favorite "Holy Sh*t!* horror moment from a film?

What's your favorite "Holy Sh*t!* horror moment from a film?

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I started doing this feature on my blog where I talk about moments in horror movies that really made you say "Oh Sh*t!" or "Holy Sh*t!" out loud....most of the time it comes from something gory or shocking or something that catches you off guard.  
My first scene that I picked was the first shotgun blast in Martyrs in the scene where Anna goes to meet her tormentors.  
So tell me what your favorite "Holy Sh*t!" moments are from a horror movie.....
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The man tied to a chair begging to be let go. Another guy taking a surgery knife & sliced the man's heel & told him to walk out! He stood up & started to step foward & you could hear his muscle ripping apart  & his feet seperating from his legs as well as see it! It was mind blowing graphics! I was scared to walk at least 20 minutes after that scene!


Night Of The Demons:

The guy goes into the bathroom & the girl dressed like a cat spooks him sitting on the vanity. She asks him to take her lipstick & fix her whiskers. He tries to & she said not there! Then takes the lipstick, shoves it into her nipple & with the camera on her hand, show her reaching up her her baby making area & pulling it out! I didnt know what to think the first time I seen that!


Final Destination: (Cant recall which one)

A black man working out on an arm weight thingy. The spring in the back of it pops & the two weights that lift & come down, came down & smashed his head, the graphics & sounds were awesome! I wont look at a gym the same way again!


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At the end of the original "Carrie" movie when the arm jumped out of the ground and grabbed her friend I jumped back in my seat. I'm sure that's not the only one - it just was the most memorable one because it was the first.

I also loved the first head exposion in "Scanners"

And although it's not horror - that melting nazi face in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"

These are all really old, aren't they?


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That's an easy one: Kathy Bates hobbling James Caan in Misery. Kathy was the iconic psycho of the 1990s, I feel.

- John Dodds, author of the crime/horror novels, Bone Machines and Kali's Kiss, audiobooks narrated by Robin Sachs (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Galaxy Quest, Torchwood, Bablyon 5, and more)

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i have to say the part were the mom jumps out of the car in the movie Dead End and you see her rubing her brain... now that people was awsome!!!!

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One of my first " Holy She-ite" moments was watching the ORIGINAL " When a Stranger Calls" and hearing the killer answer the question. When she screamed " What do you want!!!!?" He had the best answer I've ever heard uttered. Chills down your spine and a vivid mental picture are guaranteed! The actor in the remake never came close! Granted, the original plods and is dated as hell, but he was one creepy actor and still plays out as someone ya don't want to set down next to ya and offer to buy you a drink!

In the same vein? "When A Stranger Calls Back"? In the final scene. When the killer reveals WHERE he is in the room with Jill? Is the BEST REVEAL OF A KILLERS HIDING PLACE I'VE EVER SEEN. That reveal flips me out every time I watch it. Slow mo the DVD and watch frame by frame. It is epic. Much creepier killer than the first one had for sure. 

Halloween H2o. When she cut his head off, I was sure it was over!

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The "Halloween"

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Just about all the movies that play on Fearnet have their Holy Chit moments!! I like the Rob Zombie movies with the dysfunctional family and Captain Spaulding!! And lets not forget Sherri Zombie and her revealing outfits!!!! Ahhhhhhh, nothing like a few corpses hanging around, lol, lol.......   

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exorcist crab walk got me the first time i watched it...kinda played out now...but got me... idk y but also tale of two sisters when i think its su mi pulls the chick out from the armoir..idk if thats how u spell it

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Saw: the final cut, when the dude in the car has to peel his skin off to free himself. 

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OLD one...And not a horror movie. But holy F*** the horse head scene in 'The Godfather.' I still can't watch that scene! But I'll watch all the SAW's with my eyes glued on the screen.


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