Halloween, or Nightmare on Elm Street?

Halloween, or Nightmare on Elm Street?

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I'm talking about the originals, not the remakes. Which do you prefer? Personally, I prefer Halloween. 

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I would say, not so much for consistency to the formula but for consistency to the wierdness, NOES, haha, long time no post though, all those who have kept the fear going, salutes to you! I have been absent for awhile, but I see Its still going!

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original vs original I'd have to choose Halloween because it was what really kickstarted the whole slasher genre, I find the Nightmare on Elm street sequels more watchable, (maybe cause AMC plays halloween sequels to death) what I always find odd is that that Michael Myers from the original series who after surviving shootings, bludgeonings and explosions ultimately was ended at tha hands of friggin Busta Rhymes.... trick or treat  MUTHAFUCKA.....


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