Terror At Blood Fart Lake (2009)

Terror At Blood Fart Lake (2009)

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As you can probably tell from the title of the film and the description on the DVD sleeve above, this is a film of the highest quality, a borderline fucking master piece! Let me explain more, see the the handsome young fella in the picture below his name is Leo & here is a quote from him whilst talking to the hot piece of ass in the picture: 

"You got my mustache all cuming girl, you ever do gymnastics? Well I do fucknastics, am all nimble and wile inside you, am like a mongoose looking for nutrients, I get inside ya and find the sweet spot and sting you with my dick poison. 
Whoooo yea!... Skeet, skeet ! Looks like rain!" 


As you see from the above quote the writing in this film is also worthy of awards and being mentioned along side any of the great written films of the past, and believe it or not the film from start to finish is filled with this kind of thought out fantastic dialogue. 
One thing I have too point out is in the above picture that the mustache and long hair is in fact not real! And gets me onto the effects in this film, like the mustache everything looks so real and life like which brings much weight and credibility to the special effects team no, CGI to be seen in this film its all practical craftsmanship! I was most impressed by a death seen where a guy is killed by a corn on the cob being rammed through is ass that then comes out his penis or another death scene where a whole human is inserted into a girls ass to be eaten by death leaches! .... Incredible, breathtaking! 

I would also like to point out the great acting, lots of the cast were required to put on accents one guy that impressed me the most manages to sound like a retarded version of Rocky Balboa from start to finish, all of the actors put in the performances of there life ... Think Marlon Brando level acting and you get the idea! ... Some cast even taking on multiple roles! 

Here's a wonderful photo of the cast, the guy in red "Caspian" is played by the same actor who plays Leo, his character is quite poetic in speech, here's a quote: 


"I could smell the fuckside burn within you, I presume your hole wants to be taught... Your trench, if you want to truly fuck like I you must be consumed with fuck, mind, soul and cunt" 

Now you might think that this film is erotic or romantic but that's not the case, its just a family friendly slasher that I predict will be looked back on by horror fans for years to come with love and admiration. 

Verdict: This film is a 10/10 and a must see! I have ordered a copy and would suggest you, you're parents, you're kids and everyone you know or have ever met too do the same. 


Link To HorrorMansion: http://w11.zetaboards.com/horrormansion/index/

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I must admit, i feel a little silly right now... I had not heard of this film before. But it sounds phenomenal.

Actors playing mulitple roles!? I can't belive the academy failed to recognize this.  I mean this is the same sort of thing that former Oscar winners Tom Hanks and Halle Berry have done right? and they are praised for it. I assume it goes without saying  Tyler Perry also. He is like the Brando of actors!!!!!

Criminal slight, I say.

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lol, although my review is just me pissing around I did actually like this film I was laughing my fuckin head off from start to finish, am not sure its one I could honestly recommend though... other than maybe to troma fans

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