Does anyone else on here actually enjoy this show? Looking for a proper discussion about it!

Does anyone else on here actually enjoy this show? Looking for a proper discussion about it!

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I'm getting the vibe that most people on here think one of two things: 1) The characters are boring and the show is too slow, or, 2) there isn't enough blood and gore.

I don't get it guys..isn't the mark of a good show being that it has substance? I mean, what would be the point if it didn't. I've seen a thousand horror films, and rarely do I ever give a damn about most of the characters, or care where the film is going, because I already know how it ends. At least with The Walking Dead, I can be stunned or shocked by events like Dales death. I can be left with anticipation of the cool s**t, like the upcoming zombie fight. If it was all handed out too quickly, I can guarantee the fans would get bored...I guess I'm not a fan of instant gratification? I prefer something that will keep me on edge and involved.

So, add your input to this topic!! I really want to hear what you think about this show. And, please, if you love this show for all it's brilliance, say so!!


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This is one of my favorite shows because they rely on the human condition, and not how many zombies they can put on the show. This is how a show should be conceived, with enough notions to quench the thirst of both horror fans and the norm. I like that they thrive to actually make an idea with substance, and not something purely gore-hound or zombie related. I mean, this is what most would see if such a scenario would arise. You would stick around people and not the horde. The zombie apocalypse isn’t about how many zombies’ asses can be kicked, but how to survive and move onto an area that’s not infested. That’s the problem with zombie movies, these people want to implode the very idea with cumbersome amounts of pointless zombies, killing the integrity and human characteristics of that idea. Remember, the first thing to go in such a case is humanity, and all we have left is animalistic ideas, which can get boring very quickly. I have seen numerous claims of such an idea, where the movie is purely based on nothing more than the horde and people shooting them. That, to me, is very boring because it doesn’t hold character. But don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a good badass zombie flick of people handing the zombie their asses. I just have more respect for those who cater to the actually ideas involved in such a scenario: human relations and how they manage to survive.

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Although I haven't been thrilled with the deviations from the comics, I find myself tuning in every week when it's on.  I'm probably going to be approaching it with a little more enthusiasm now that we're blessfully minus Dale.

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I am really looking forward to seeing what this Michonne character is all about

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Playboy had a little mini-comic of her origin which was pretty cool.


Im hesitant about reading any TWD graphic novel now as it will work too much like a spoiler regardless of how similar they are to each other. My mind usually tries to forsee options and directions as it is when I watch, I dont want to subconciously expect a direction or be led. This is more fun. Usually a movie is not as good as the book. This show is excellent although slightly diff so I think I will hold off on the novel till further down the road.

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I love the show. Walking Dead is in a league all its own for "horror" in the fact it technically isn't horror, it's more of a thriller because it's focused around personable interactions rather than zombie/supernatural force -> human combat.

the zombie threat is more background than it is centran in most horror movies.

though technically, humans can be just as sadistic as any supernatural force so i don't see why some people immediately write the show off as a 'non-issue', but whatever floats your boat i guess.

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Andrea cant trust Milton I was how the Gov found out Andrea was tipping Rick off to the Gov plans


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