Does 2013 suck for horror (so far)?

Does 2013 suck for horror (so far)?

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Texas Chainsaw 3D, Warm Bodies, Dark Skies, MaMa (was alright) fuckin The Last Exorcsim Part it just me or has 2013 sucked for theatrical releases?
like i know Evil Dead remake comes out in 15 days 19 hours and 43 minutes but god damn, has it been a rough road.

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Half of los Angeles it seems has seen it except me of course  so its like god damn lol



@klownz- yep. Another Collector story would be good. I think he has the potential to be another iconic horror villain and the ending DID leave it open.

EVIL DEAD looks better than promising. One can only hope. . . . . . .

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The collector has potential to be a horror icon, and Evil Dead given the premise first time director handling a remake of a horror classic, RED FLAGS RED FALGS. But that kick ass trailer, No CGI and practical effects make me scream like a school girl in joy.

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lets just hope the new evil dead movie is any good, if not im as upset as you are

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Guys EVIL DEAD IS AWESOME actually makes up for all the bad horror films we have gone through.

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The Cabin In The Woods- An excellent example of a brilliant concept simply not done justice during execution.  The film utilized some of our favorite tropes of the genre; eerie and isolated location, darkened environment that was in and of itself a hazard, and the use of a 'family curse' as the moving mechanism for the initial antagonists.  What turned this into an average slasher/creature feature for me was the acting (sub-par), the pacing (not enough time spent on character development), and the sort of last-minute explanation of the motivation behind the lab techs involved in the underground facility.  I understand that this is a standard convention for this sort of horror, but in a written medium, this story could have done much better. Perhaps I'm just spoiled by horror literature- after all, film as a narrative medium has never had the advantages of the written word. 

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yeah cabin in the woods, just did not have any balls!


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