Is This Too Dark for TV?

Is This Too Dark for TV?

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Grime Scene is a concept that made the rounds of all the major cable networks, but they all turned it down. Now, the filmmakers are trying to make the same concept as a feature-length documentary.

It's about a real-life ex-cop who started a business cleaning up gory crime scenes. The networks were scared off by all the gross stuff these guys come across, even though the cop is a really fascinating character who has seen it all.

It's really a movie about life, as seen though a dude who sees the most horrible deaths every day.

Check it out:

Grime Scene: A Documentary

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GRIME SCENE, a documentary film

Directed by: Angie Brown & Jessica Everleth

Produced by:
Colleen Delegan
Angie Brown
Jessica Everleth
Laurent Malaquais
Ben Mihm
Stacie Sharp
Mark Shockley

Executive Producers: Angie Brown, Jessica Everleth & Mark Shockley 

GRIME SCENE is a documentary film about Ben Mihm, a former homicide detective who now heads Emergency Response, a crime scene cleaning company in Southern California.  A story of survival, resurrection, and reinvention, GRIME SCENE is a fascinating character study about a man who, since the time he could talk, has wanted to catch bad guys and—despite obstacles that would have stopped most people—has always managed to find a way to do it.

The film will reveal how Ben Mihm, 54, an officer with the Glendale, California, police force for 20 years—including three years as a homicide detective— was severely injured in 2001 in the line of duty. The injuries ended Mihm’s career as a police officer when he was just a few years away from retirement benefits. After more than a year in recovery and rehabilitation from severe injuries—broken pelvis, destroyed hips requiring dual hip replacements, separated shoulder, and four compression fractures of his spine—Mihm, at age 43, had to decide how to spend the rest of his life and how to support his wife and three children. During a yearlong recovery following his injuries, he recalled that family members of crime victims had asked who could help clean what remained of the violence that had taken place in their homes. At the time, Mihm had no idea what to tell these bereaved individuals—but now realized that he could start a business that would not only serve as a new career path, but also provide a valuable service to people in need.

GRIME SCENE will follow Mihm’s life as it is today—and how he’s still fighting crime through his company Emergency Response, a leading provider of crime scene cleaning for law enforcement agencies—as well as the families of crime victims—throughout Southern California. The documentary will give viewers a ringside seat at the scene of the crime—murders, suicides, violent deaths, traumatic injuries—and follow Mihm as he cleans crime scenes with a watchful eye for evidence that may have been missed during an investigation and turning over whatever he finds to law enforcement. While Mihm is no longer chasing down criminals, he’s still finding ways to help catch bad guys, and assist the good guys in the process.

Ben may no longer work on the police force, but he is still a force for good in his community.


Funding will go toward producing the documentary. In the event that we do not meet our goal, funding will go towards production of Ben's memoir.


ANGIE BROWN – an Emmy winner and multiple Emmy nominee – has worked extensively in film and television. In 2012, she produced Bronycon starring John de Lancie – a feature-length documentary that explores “Bronies,” the male fan phenomenon of the animated series My Little Pony. Angie's television credits include Great Streets for PBS and It’s Burlesque for A&E. After producing two episodes for Mysterious Worlds, Angie produced the pilot of Intervention for A&E and two seasons of Trace Evidence: The Case Files of Dr. Henry Lee for Court TV (TRU TV). In 2006, Angie joined Clean House on the Style Network. As the network’s top-rated series, Clean House expanded to include two-hour season finales.  In 2009, Angie was nominated for two Daytime Emmys for her work on the series season finale, The Messiest Home in the Country. In 2010, she was awarded a Daytime Emmy for producing the season finale of Clean House. Her 2011 credits include serving as field producer for Extreme Clutter, a makeover program on OWN starring Peter Walsh. In 2012 she served as producer on My Shopping Addiction for Oxygen and supervising producer Home Made Simple for OWN. In 2013 she served as producer on TLC's What Not To Wear.

JESSICA EVERLETH has produced two critically acclaimed feature-length documentaries — Plaster Caster, which explores the life and art of Cynthia Plaster Caster, and Playing with Fire, about revolutionary abstract expressionist ceramic artist Paul Soldner — experience that led her into nonfiction television. She produced and directed three seasons of Clean House, the Style Network's top-rated home makeover series, and earned a Daytime Emmy nomination in 2009. She also served as a producer for two seasons of Trace Evidence: The Case Files of Dr. Henry Lee for Court TV (TRU TV), and wrote, produced, and directed several episodes of Secret Lives of Women (Season 3) for WE TV. In 2011, she served as story producer for Discovery ID's hit series Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda. In 2012, she joined House Hunters — the #1 series on HGTV, with 25 million viewers per month -- as a show producer. Later that year she served as story producer on season 2 of the true-crime series Killer Kids for A&E BIO.  In 2013, she served as field producer on TLC'sWhat Not To Wear.

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