What did you think of walking dead season 3 final episode?

What did you think of walking dead season 3 final episode?

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I wasn't impressed the prison raid was boring

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The Walking Dead Season 3 finale was very lazy. I found that the second half of this season was really dry but i could find some scenes in it that were great and that one episode "Clear" was the best. I kept thinking after every episode, okay, slow build then they are just gonna blow out of the water. But they didnt instead we got this medicore ending that felt like a half completed script. The episode they killed merle off was really executed badly, and they wanted us to feel something for him but we had no reason to, Then they make andrea one of the most hated characters next to laurie and then pop her off. I felt nothing, no emotional pay off just numb then anger. They could have had an all our brawl and it would have been Rick against The Govener, even if it ended with the governer getting away id still be happy cause there was a battle. Another thing about the govener, We are just starting to see his evil side now, i have no hate and had no real anger towards him cause he didn't really do anything to make me feel that he was this sadistic evil person till the end.

The first half of the season was great, the second half was dry and could have been summed up in about 3 episodes tops. just so dissapointing and a slap in the face to fans all around the world.


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I don't really expect a great deal when it comes to the walking dead, the writing is shit and there's no real excuse for it since they are writing for a zombie apocalypse, there are endless possibilitys for brilliant story lines!

I still love the show but have just accepted its never going to be something great like Dexter, its more on supernatural or true bloods level.

The Andrea bit of the last episode should have been shorter and used to actually build some tension which would have freed up a shit load of time so the prison fight could have been better & throw in some more zombies for fuck sake!



This past season was the first to have an episode that actually BORED me. I dont mind building up story lines with conversation and insight but one episode seemed to be a useless gabfest. I disagree that the governor doesnt get one involved, I keep wanting to jump into the t.v. and kick his ass, partly its that hypocritical "genteel" demeanor over his evil insanity. But his "fight" with Merle was a joke considering their buildup of Merle as a "super badass". Likewise Andrea losing all street smarts, I mean. . . . . its the zombie apocalypse, youre walking through a forest full of the living dead you should be so alert, a chipmunk couldnt sneak up on you, but the lumbering governor DOES ? ? He shouldnt have even come anywhere NEAR her. Not to mention she could have just taken his car while he was fighting for his life. Too much contrived b.s. The kid all of a sudden seems to look down on his dad but wtf ? ? Just 2-3 eppys ago he was admonishing Merle that his dad knew what he was doing etc etc, and now with his dads leadership they beat a vastly better armed, larger force but somehow his dad DIMINISHES in his eyes ? ? Lazy, fly by the seat of your pants writing. I DID get surprised that they decided to fight and did a nice job of routing the enemy but it all seemed to lack energy or force of emotion. Gonna miss Andrea though, she was a great character and lovely to look at. Thought it was funny that at the zombie apocalypse she had pedicured feet AND that she couldnt multi-task. She HAD to stop trying to retrieve the pliers ( which are less than worthless against hardened steel handcuffs OR the dentist chair ) while she chatted with the soon to be dead guy. TOO funny !


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so fookin crap!


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Even with all it's flaws, I still enjoy this show! 

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It  was decent, but left alot of loose ends like the gov getting away.  Looking forward to the next season.

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