A FEARnet night at the movies ! ! !

A FEARnet night at the movies ! ! !


I recently got a heads up from a friend that FEARnet was one of the sponsors of the PHOENIX FILM FESTIVAL. On the agenda was a showing of the horror classic SAW with the added incentive of a question and answer period with Executive Producer Peter Block. Mr. Block has produced some great movies both horror and non horror. The non horror includes THE GIRL WITH THE PEARL EARRING (an excellent flick with the lovely Scarlett Johansson) and RAMBO (the last one, and definitely the BEST in the series as well as one of my faves.). In horror he has created the cult classic, film noir of horror, THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, along with THE DEVILS REJECTS, FROZEN, THE NUN, THE BURROWERS, REPO THE GENETIC OPERA, THE EYE, DAYBREAKERS, etc. and episodes of the great but short lived FEAR ITSELF. I called fellow FEARnutter Changsha and we made plans to attend. Unfortunately brother Chang had an emergency hospital visit and had to miss the viewing. The evening was very "Hollywoodish", lol. Beacons of light swirling overhead and cable t.v. cameras doing "man in the street" interviews. People were everywhere and everything was rowdy fun but orderly. People were excited and anxious.

While on line and chatting, a lovely woman by the name of Keisha McCorry showed up to greet us. Who? Why? Did I forget to mention that Mr. Block is also the President and CEO of our own beloved FEARnet ? Ms. McCorry knew who we were and pampered us as if we were long lost family. a charming and intelligent woman (yes,yes, easy on the eyes INDEED,) but I was too old to propose, lol.

The film held up after all these years better than I would have thought. STILL a great watch with arguably the best story line of the series with the best and most clever shocker of the time, when Jigsaw turns out to be the "dead guy" on the floor. The audience loved it. Mr. Block held a question and answer period and regaled us with his knowledge. I think most of us think that producers are just "the money" and suits with no real knowledge of movie making. WRONG! Mr.B was insightful on the story lines and concepts, possessed REAL in depth knowledge of the art of movie making and marketing. Despite all that, he was a genuine person. Friendly, affable, courteous and obviously a fan of the fans. I got a chance to meet him and exchange pleasantries. He IS aware of the disenchantment currently among the members of the FEARnet community who are not fond of the changes and hopes that we can hang in and make things work as changes come. I was happy to meet him and Ms. McCorry. I would also like to thank CC who helped make it possible. Considering some struggles I am in, it was a night to remember. Very cool to know that FEARnet is run by some really great people.

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Sounds like a great night, its a real shame that Chang couldn't make it, I missed out on seeing Saw on the big screen when it first came out so I would have loved the chance to see it!


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fooken a! sounds like it was an awesome time!....its nice to know that they are trying...i miss the old fear...


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I am also still missing the "Old" Fearnet & hope they restore it to what it was like before. 

Glad you had a great time at the event! 


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wow! it sounds like you had a great time HF!! & like KLOWNZ I did not see it on the big screen either , But I do have them all on DVD !! It's a shame Roger didn't get 2 go I think the 2 of you would have had a BLAST !! & it's nice 2 know that that we are not forgotten & they are doing their utmost 4 us ??!! well anyway I still pop in once in awhile 2 check things out & see if there are any new changes or updates ??

So anyway , keep the FAITH my friend , it's taking long than expected , but they seem 2 be going in the right direction !!!!  


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Urban Legend is the one of the favorite horror movie of the 90's. I love this movie!!!!!


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