What movie scared you as a child?

What movie scared you as a child?

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I remember going to see SLEEPING BEAUTY as a child. When we got home that night, I was afraid that the evil queen was on top of our house as my dad pulled into the driveway. That movie really got to me!

Anyone else with memories to share?

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Horror movies did not really scare me much as a kid, however I do admit that Jaws had me looking at the sea (ocean depending on where you live LOL) a little differently for many a summer :).

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i wasn't really afraid of any horror movies until i saw the movie woman in black oh and paranormal activity movies came out.

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Hands down, the only movie that really scared me as a child was The Evil Dead.  With its misleading music cues and creative use of make-up fx to disguise the many "shemps" used; it launched one of the most promising careers in horror history.  In fact, I am one of the few Evil Dead fans that believes the first movie to be the best of the series.  Everything else, though recognizable by camera work and direction, was the equivalent of light beer when it came to scares.  At least the remake, which stands nicely on its own, took itself seriously- and did it very well.  So in the words of the immortal Ash- "Groovy".

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I saw Darkness Falls right when I was 9. The movie scared me so badly and the same night I watched it, I last my lost baby tooth.... I didn't sleep for a week.

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The Exorcist scared me!

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I was a very strange child.  My first movie theatre experience (at my insistance) was Jaws: The Revenge, and a love affair was born.  I loved the thrill of many scary movies, but I think when my father showed me "The Shining" at age 8... that scared the shit out of me.  It was a totally different "scare" than the Nightmare on Elm Street and slasher films of the time.  It was more tangible, and really, really terrifying.  ::shudder::

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I have messed up dreams in general but the two that stick with me the most (bc they somtimes keep me up now) would have to be Jaws n Halloween (Michael Myers in general)... truth be told i still cant stand going into boats whether its in a lake, pond, or puddle (FORGET ABOUT THE OCEAN!!) or even too deep into water of anysort... Also with Michael Myers his mask n just the way he stalked Lori was skeevy!!! When I see tall hedges I try to avoid them thinking hes gonna pop out just to slice me up or something LOL

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City of the Living Dead scared me as a kid

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The most scariest movie tht i have seen when i was a child was The Excorcist and Thirteen ghost..that i is when i started to hate hunted houses when the characters go in.......

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Cujo..had me on my feet when I was little and even now im a little scared of Dogs... and Amityville .


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