Evil Dead 1 vs. Evil Dead 2

Evil Dead 1 vs. Evil Dead 2

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Ok, just watched Evil Dead 2 for the first time last night (yes I know I'm a little behind on that one). As fuckin wacked out crazy as that movie was I still definitely prefer the first Evil Dead. 

What do yall at this scary ass new fearnet think?

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I like part 1 better than 2...but part 2 was good ..

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Equal in their own right.  ED, for me, was the first gore/fear milestone in the horror genre.  ED2 went further but did so in a horror/comedy format.  Forever classics.  AoD, however, was a bit of a letdown but I did appreciate veering away from the cabin.  

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I personally like the first one a lot better because it was a lot more serious, which makes it more scary and suspenseful.

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I liked both Evil Dead 1 & 2. Number 2 did offer some new gritty humor to the franchise. I can say I like #1 the best; however, they were so similar in plot and equal in gore. The fruit cellar part was the scariest part for me,lol. I watched the first movie when I was 15. My gramma had a fruit cellar similar to the one in the movie and sent me down there to get canned veggies or fruit.. Hate fruit cellars!!


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