Who are the most annoying horror characters ever?

Who are the most annoying horror characters ever?

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I started doing a feature on my blog Dirty Horror about annoying horror characters that you just want to yell "Shut the f*ck up!" to....so, I'm throwing it out there to see who you feel are the most annoying horror characters in horror movie history.  First up for me - the psychic lady from Jeepers Creepers:
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ok for me its that naked chick in "Night of the Living Dead"... you know the one who was pretty much just a groupy then she had like all of 2 drinks n "oops my clothes came off!!" n started complaining the the acid rain was burning her skin... NO KIDDING YOURE NAKED!!!!! yeah i couldnt stand her... i was glad when they killed her off shortly after that... OMG her n that redhead from "Dawn of the Dead"... the one who was dumb enough to almost die herself saving the dog?? there are just too many things wrong with her for me to count soo im just leaving that as is...


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I think you mean Return of the Living Dead... But I agree.


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Are you kidding me Linnea Quigley is a horror QUEEN!!! She has been apart of some of the best horror movies of all times. Lets not forget she's a pioneer for shaving her bush nobody did that back the. So therfore I solute you Linnea Quigley for your bravory and brillience brought to the silver screen,and why I dont mind going down on woman in 2013

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Excuse me, but u must mean Return of the living dead 1985 referring to Linnea Quigley and not NOTLD, Romero's 1968 classic.  Thank youuuu.  And I can see that but she is a classic.

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Brenda Bates from Urban Legend and sequel Urban Legends: Final Cut and Cherry Darling from Grindhouse.


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for me it one has to be the wrong turn inbreds (notincluding the 1rst movie) and goulies ,


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Bill Cosby!!


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Wrong Turn! All of them!!!

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Dead Thing's,ok Bloody Mary,

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Dead Thing's,ok hell houes,


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