Who is your favorite universal monster?

Who is your favorite universal monster?

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Frankenstein gets my vote and the bride

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LMFAO at all the posts that are't even about the universal monsters, looks like this thread is well and truly hijacked!

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Dracula without a doubt, followed by The Wolfman


Yeah klownz ! Might as well nominate the Three Stooges, lol.





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Can I say all of them?


Of the Silent Screamers,

Phantom of the Opera, 2nd Maria From Metropolis.


Of the Universal Speakies,

Dracula and Frankenstein are pretty close. 

with Frankenstein edging out Dracula.


But if I had to pick only one,


Gillman from Creature from the Black Lagoon.





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I love all the early Universal monsters especially Frankenstein and his Bride. However, my favorite monster has to be Dracula, played by Christopher Lee and also once by Frank Langella. Call me twisted but it was romantic his seduction, kiss, then bite! LOL I used to dress in my mother's gowns and play vampiress as a child, ahh good times. :)

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Another vote for Frankenstein, here, although I loved them all.

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Bride of Frankenstein

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Zombies they eat anything and have no fear

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The Creature From The Black Lagoon (Gill Man). Even to this day, that character design is still badass. The WolfMan is my favorite of the movies, though.


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