TV Recap: 'Being Human' Episode 313 - 'Ruh Roh'



being humanBeing Human Episode 313
“Ruh Roh”
Written By: Anna Fricke
Directed By: Stefan Pleszczynski
Original Airdate: 8 April 2013

In This Episode...

Liam faces off with Josh and Nora. He is not there to kill them; he has made peace with their choice of lifestyle. In fact, Liam sees them as his children, something that offends both of them and causes Nora to admit to killing Brynn. Liam takes them to a warehouse where deformed vampires are piled up. He locks Nora and Josh in the room with them, a single stake to defend themselves with. Josh wants to kill them; Nora wants to find a way out, and is worried about Josh’s new bloodlust. But when one of the new monster vamps attacks Nora, she changes her tune and supports Josh’s decision to set the pile alight.

Back at home, Aidan and Kat are getting frisky. With Kenny still chained up in his bedroom, they have sex on the living room floor. Sally wakes him in the morning - Kenny is awake and in pain. Aidan rushes to him with blood bags and promises that he will figure out how to help cure his hideous deformity. Kenny’s freakout is interrupted by Kat’s freakout. Aidan finds her in Sally’s room, having found her rotting corpse. Aidan desperately tries to explain but Kat won’t hear and she bolts from the house with promises to call the police. After feeding Kenny (and admonishing him against drinking too much) Aidan admits to Sally that he has wanted a family. After surviving the virus, he started to “live” again, indulging on blood and blacking out. He admits to turning people, and that even though he wants peace and humanity, he is still a monster. A bullet strikes him in the head and he keels over, Sally freaks, and Liam reveals himself. Josh and Nora let slip that Aidan had turned Kenny and he is there to kill Aidan’s mutant spawn. He shoots Aidan a few more times (“I know it won’t kill you, but it is just so rewarding!”) then takes him down to the basement. All hell breaks out at this point. Aidan is badly battered; Liam beats everyone he can with a shovel. Sally uses her ghost power to set the wooden handle on fire so Liam can’t stake Kenny. Aidan gets back into the fight, but it just ends up with him being impaled against the wall on a metal rod. Josh and Nora come home and jump into the fight. Nora gets tossed across the room and knocked out; Kenny pounces and feeds; Josh tries to battle Liam; Sally scares Liam backwards enough that Aidan can grab him by the shoulders and impale him on his metal rod. Josh and Aidan pull Kenny off Nora. Aidan knows he has to deal with the Kenny situation - he would have drained Nora if he hadn’t been stopped.

Aidan has a lot of loose ends to tie up. First he goes to Blake and convinces her to compel Kat into forgetting Sally’s corpse. He’s no good at compulsion. It works, and when Kat wakes up, Blake is gone and she only remembers having a great night with Aidan and him going out for coffee to aid her hangover. Next he takes Kenny out into the woods. Kenny knows his death is imminent, but Aidan can’t quite do it. Mirroring what he did with his son 100+ years ago, Aidan tells Kenny - with fury and rage - to run. Kenny does. He later tells Josh that Kenny “never had a chance.” 

The roommates bury Sally’s corpse back in her grave. Nora feels bad that Josh didn’t get the chance to kill Liam, but she also notices a certain acceptance in him. The next night is the full moon. The morning after, Nora wakes in the forest and calls for Josh. She finally finds him - still a werewolf. Aidan goes for a walk - and narrowly misses running into his wife Susanna, getting out of a cab. Sally sits, the whole house to herself, when Donna appears. She is far more powerful a ghost than Sally and can control her. She throws Sally down the stairs, then opens up an enormous sinkhole where she died. Sally claws her way out - then Donna grabs her and drags her in. The hole repairs itself, like it never happened.

Dig It or Bury It?

I was a little concerned with how Being Human would end the season - after all, last week’s episode felt like a pretty solid ending. But this was good, too. Not insane, but solid. I am very, very tired of Sally’s constant tumble between different planes. The zombie story was fun, but she has been to limbo, she has been to whatever was through Donna’s door. Now she is, what, in hell? That could be fun... but something tells me it won’t be that cool. 

Josh still a werewolf come morning is no surprise. They established it pretty well that, since he was scratched by a pureblood, he would have pureblood power. So that means that he can change back and forth at will. Clearly, he just hasn’t learned how to control it yet. 

What intrigues me far more is the fact that Susanna is back in town. Is she really a witch? Did Aidan actually vampirize her? Secrets, evening beatings, corpses in the bedroom... Kat can deal with all of that. But a former wife? Something tells me that will be her limit.

Flashback to the Future

Back in ye olde puritanical times, Isaac accidentally lets it slip that his father is back from the dead. The townsfolk accuse Susanna of witchcraft and kill her in the drowning trial. Aidan sees this. He tells his son to run, and once he is gone, he slaughters the church elders - including the preacher.