which horror movie villian is your favorite?

which horror movie villian is your favorite?

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here are my favorite horror movie villians

1. Jason

2. Freddy



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my two favorite horror movie villains are michael myers and jigsaw. i like michael myers because he's doing evrything while he's alive unlike freddy and jason and he's got a primal instinct when it comes to killing his family members that gives him just enough intelligence to be dangerous as hell. i like jigsaw because of his way of picking victims based on past transgressions and his horrifying but extremely intelligent traps.


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Pinhead would be my first. He has a way to manipulate you into the belief that you’ll get something in return for handing over Pandora’s Box. He’s like a sinister Genie. Another one would probably be John Kramer aka Jigsaw, he’s pure genius in how he orchestrates ways of morality. He makes you kill yourself on the basis of your own immoral stupidity. My next favorite would be Hannibal Lector, a very brilliant, yet subliminally unstable man that’s a turn pager and a joy to watch. People literally thought this character was an actual human, which goes to show you that he’s worthy of being a villain.


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Pumpkinhead! I love the entire back story on him. I think it's one of the most original I've heard. Def in my top 3.

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Did you know?

Pumpkinhead was created by Stan Winston school, who did Predator and Alien?

Anne Rice I know for a fact used to keep a life-sized Pumpkinhead Creature in the room she wrote her novels in for inspiration. Here is a link to creature construction, but the witch in this is the real screen scene stealer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maXcwJKSTCw

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Pumpkinhead, as far as creature design is concerned.

Michael Myers has always been my favorite of the "human" villians.

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Michael Myers

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