What is the FREAKIEST horror flick. . . . . . .

What is the FREAKIEST horror flick. . . . . . .


While there are plenty of garbage and "z" rated horror flicks, (like the shot on video by amateur directors looking to make millions on a 2 dollar budget ) Im NOT talking about that. Im talking about well meaning movie makers who come up with some goofy, freaky stuff as if they were on a 60's acid trip or just simply off the wall. My vote for freakiest in the horror genre is THE OREGONIAN. WTF ???? Lol, I cant review it cause it seems plotless. A woman that seems to be going through different horror flick moments is about all I can say. Which is yours ?

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I would have to say Basket case. Does that count? Maybe it's just be that find this movie "freaky" weird and off-the-wall.? -Also I want to say "hi" I'm brand new to this site and look forward to 1-figuring it out and 2-seeing whats on here and what all us horror fans have to say. And of course want to put a link to our site also. http://morethanhorror.com/

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The Freakiest horror film i thiink i saw was Paranormal Activity back before Paramount picked the rights for it. It just worked on my subconsious level on the way back and when i was trying to sleep that night. Every little noise that happen i'd over think it. It just grew on me and got under my skin. I have never ever had that before or since i first expierenced that film.

And yeah, it either works on you to the max or it doesn't its a completely polarizing movie. But i am one of the few that got messed up.

Another thing that i found was Freaky was right at the end of REC when that thing is in the attic. When i first saw that thing i was like WTF IS THAT THING ?!?!?! OH MY GOD!

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That's an easy one for me:


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Well i hate to be cliche, but if you want to refer to classics...then, "Freaks" And someone said "Wolf Creek" really? I disagree, BUT I own it, so I'll give it another watch. http://morethanhorror.com/


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