Who are the most annoying horror characters ever?

Who are the most annoying horror characters ever?

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I started doing a feature on my blog Dirty Horror about annoying horror characters that you just want to yell "Shut the f*ck up!" to....so, I'm throwing it out there to see who you feel are the most annoying horror characters in horror movie history.  First up for me - the psychic lady from Jeepers Creepers:
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I agree with those as well but the one that comes to mind is that annoying girl in "Dawn of the Dead" that goes around looking for the dog Chips?! Chips?! Where are you Chips?! She cares more for the safety of the dog than the people and even causes the cool gunstore sniper to get nommed. I grit my teeth through that everytime, love the movie tho lol.

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Adrienne Barbeau's character "Wilma Northrup" in "Creepshow". About the time she was screaming about having balls as ear rings? Well, that was 5 minutes too long she lived in my opinion. 

In Adrienne's defense? "Stevie Wayne" in the original "The Fog" was awesome.

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This may be bad of me to think this, But, I was happy when she got eaten by that tasmanian devil monster. Was happy for the husband. LOL!! ;)

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Dr. Giggles.  Sometimes, less is more.

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I agree with all the above!

I think Sally's brother in TCM was so annoying!!


The wheelchair bound Franklyn in THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. LOVED when Leatherface took care of his whining. . . . . . . . . . oh yeah. . . . . . the kid from THE GRUDGE. His little animal growl thing is scary for a whole half minute, from then on he is nothing but this annoying kid making cat sounds. Big whoop.

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Okies. I thought of another character that really annoyed me personally. I may get a lot of flack for this one but I'm being honest. Shelley Duvall was as annoying as they come in " The Shining" I was rooting for her to be wasted! The most whiny character I've ever seen. I credited it to her being a good actress at first. Then I saw her in other films. Nope. She's just annoying. My least fave actress.  

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I agree with mictros.  Shelly Duvall was anoying and fake sounding in general. 


Well, you will be happy to know that she almost had a breakdown trying to keep director Stanley Kubrick happy.

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Lori on TWD, so glad that b-tch is dead!


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