Worst Death Scene Ever?

Worst Death Scene Ever?

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Well - to be honest, this one is bad, but in a good way.  It's from Rest Stop: Dead Ahead and if you haven't seen it, Joey Lawrence is hurt and can't walk.  The killer is about to burn the place down, so he wants our hero to shoot him in the head.  Only she doesn't do it right.....watch the clip if you haven't seen it and you'll see......
So what's your favorite bad death scene in a horror movie??
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That was pretty rough, especially with the Countess Bathory wannabe chick taking a "warm bath" underneath:P


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One of the worst death seens is in "Survival of the Dead" when Patrick O'Flynn (Ken Welsh) zombie has a shootout with Seamus Muldoon (Richard Fitzpatrick) zombie.  Bar none a joke moment that just should have been left on the cutting room floor.


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I believe it was Friday the 13th : final chapter, I think Corey Feldman is in it, but there is a character in the film that is there to hunt Jason. Well as usual Jason gets him, starts to stab him and the man screams, "run! he's killing me! he's killing me." Pretty terrible.

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hahaha - that part always makes me laugh.......



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Definitely the Hostel II torture scenes.

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Peewee Herman in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  He just fucking won't die!


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The Cell - I really wish I could remember the details, but general idea is laying on a table and having a mad mad / monster slowly wind your intestines out of your body onto a spindle. -I think that counts. -btw, one of my favorite movies. it's not the scariest, but beautiful and just disturbing enough.  http://morethanhorror.com/

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I thought the worst was when Trey Songz died in a car accident in TCM 3D. You are in a movie with Leatherface and you die when your van rolls over...lame!!

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"The Tooth Fairy" 2006. Whole movie link. 

Written by Stephenn J. Cannell, the television series writer of a multitude of series!

Has P.J. Soles of Carrie and Halloween fame. 

Worst as in badly done or worst as in really memorable? Not sure which one you wanted, but this is both. BECAUSE. It involves balls. Yes, I know that's obscure. Just watch it? It's too funny and gross a moment for me to spoil!!! I swear!!! The children are brilliant in this movie. Pity the adults weren't. If you want a direct answer? Hit me up, but I seriously don't wanna spoil it here. I laughed my ass off and crossed my legs at the same time watching this scene. Had a co worker named Chuck at the time, which is this characters name. No more. Mums. (Zips it)

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