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Whoa! I just saw this on Fearnet OnDemand. It's very good! It's a cross between "Hostel" and "TCM" with a pinch of "The Descent" thrown in. The only downer, in my opinion, is the super shaky camerawork on a few action scenes. That stuff is unwatchable and gives me a headache. But other than that, I highly recommend it. The axe/tablesaw payoff scene near the end is excellent. Also note it's shown uncut in full theatrical widescreen with subtitles.

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Actually, I was pleasantly surprised by this film. It's better than I thought it would be.


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Frontier(s) (2007) 
Frontière(s) (original title)

"What Are Your Boundaries"

Often foreign films have their titles re-titled for US audiences - but not so here, and the title doesn't make much sense. There were no notable frontiers or boundaries anyone crossed. It's just a "shocking" title for effect. Pfft. @sses.

If you like TCM/Hostel et al scenarios then this is yet another fine entry into that genré. All the requisite uncomfortable ands awful things you'd expect or demand in such. Nothing spectacular.


Slightly less clever than Hostel. Fairly less graphic than TCM. There's the traditional number of "stupid things no sensible person would do" which bring down an otherwise well shot and produced film.

The political mumbo jumbo in the beginning doesn't go anywhere or have much to do with anything.

The pregnancy element of Yasmine is a complete add on.

The small-time crooks running from law enforcement barely serves any purpose. They could have just started the story with "Stupid kids drive to a dump motel in the sticks where inbred country folk spring their nuttiness upon them."

Could have. Would a saved us all twenty minutes.


If you like these things - then see it.

If you don't like "hillbillies hurting people" then don't watch it. You ain't missing nothing TCM & Hostel dodn't cover already - and better done, to boot.

Personally, I would like to see "country mouse visits city mouse." I'm tired of inbred hillbillies hurting people. I wanna see some white bread suburban insanity.  



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Excellent flick!

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