What movie scared you as a child?

What movie scared you as a child?

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I remember going to see SLEEPING BEAUTY as a child. When we got home that night, I was afraid that the evil queen was on top of our house as my dad pulled into the driveway. That movie really got to me!

Anyone else with memories to share?

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um  stephen king's it  the clown freaked me the hell out 

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to die without having a loved one and with out a purpous


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Pet Cemetary -Terrifying!

A little antagonizing and teasing from my older sister didn't help.


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'Carry On Screaming'.. for some reason this really spooked my 10 year old self.. Didn't sleep for months..

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i guess i have never been scared of any movies beacuse i knew they were fake......



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I was probably about 8 or 9 years old. I watched "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". I don't what it was about that movie but even to this day I still can not watch that movie. I watch paranormal movies, slasher movies, supernatural, and more, but I still cannot even imagine wanting to watch that movie.

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I was probably 11 or 12 when i watch The Ring i thought when she came out of the tv screen to killed that guy was scary but i'm use to it now lol

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     When I was nine, I watched Scream (1996), which did not scare, but inspire me to watch more horror movies.  I kept watching and eventually, when I was eleven or twelve I watched The Grudge, which still scares me even though I have watched it over ten times.  In my opinion, The Grudge 3 was the scariest. 

     Also, when I was five or six, I convinced my babysitter to rent Scary Movie 4 for me.  I watched it and even though it was a comedy, I was too little to understand that and I was completely scared.  That is where my fear for Ju-On started. 

     Today, I think that The Grudge series and Insidious are one of the scariest modern American films.

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Salems Lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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 The dark, I remember I couldn't sleep that night (or almost a week) that movie was disturbing for me


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