What movie scared you as a child?

What movie scared you as a child?

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I remember going to see SLEEPING BEAUTY as a child. When we got home that night, I was afraid that the evil queen was on top of our house as my dad pulled into the driveway. That movie really got to me!

Anyone else with memories to share?

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The first horror movie I ever saw was The original Exorcist.  I was 9...my dad sat me down and we watched it.  For weeks and weeks after that, I had nightmares about Linda Blairs face...when she starts becomming more and more possessed by the demon....

After I finally got over that horrific nightmare, my dad then sits me down and makes me watch Stephen Kings IT...I've never been able to look at clowns the same way since that movie.  I'm 30 now lol 

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Cujo. I kept thinking my dog was going to get rabies and kill me. I slept with my parents for 2 months.

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I have so many to choose from. But what first came to mind was the movie Manitou with Tony Curtis and Susan Strasberg, and Michael Ansara as the Native American Medicine man. I know this is going to sound crazy, but when it was released in 1978 my mother allowed me to go with her to see it. I was was 6. I remember sittting in the dark theatre and freaking out when the little demon tore of the womens back finally and feel on the the floor. I got so scared I went and sat in the lobby talking to girls working the concession stand. To make this even worse mom and I walked home in the dark. I would stop every few feet and turn around to make sure the lil demon man was not following us. I was scared of the dark for a very long time. O how free spirited the 70's were to allow a 6 year old to attend a horror movie!

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nightmare on elm st 2


when freddy pulls his scalp off, freaked me out until i was a a tween.  by that point though i had watched so much no big anymore.  also tha dman crepty keeper when i was a lad

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almost forgot the stupid as leprechaun for some reason, lil bastard still shows up in my nightmares from time to time.  though i think the movies are funny[come on he goes to the hood twice]  though one dream i had with him was pretty cool, he was actually the figure of alot of stories and to beat him i had to guess his name.

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The Amittyville Horror enough said!!

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There was this TV movie called "This House Possessed" with Parker Stevenson that terrified me. 


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When I saw The Exorcist for the first time, I was about 8 or 9. It was this movie that had been built up as the most terrifying thing ever so I naturally had high hopes. I remember being pinned to my seat and in shock at it.

Now it's one of my favorite examples of a slow-burn horror movie, but then it was raw as hell and I'm pretty sure it scarred me as a horror fan. That and the original Halloween. Can't go wrong there. :D

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When I was a kid I was so scared of alot if the slasher movie. But the most scariest movie that I was terrified of as a kid was the Exorcise. When brought it back to the big screen for its anniversary tribute in the 90's I was almost 30y/o and I must admit they had unseen clips and some new special effects that movie still scared the hell out of me.

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When i was a child, Samara scared the living shit out of me. I was always frightened to take a bath.


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