Who are the most annoying horror characters ever?

Who are the most annoying horror characters ever?

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I started doing a feature on my blog Dirty Horror about annoying horror characters that you just want to yell "Shut the f*ck up!" to....so, I'm throwing it out there to see who you feel are the most annoying horror characters in horror movie history.  First up for me - the psychic lady from Jeepers Creepers:
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Ummmm so many choices, but I must say the most annoying is the character that screams and cries then runs upstairs or in the wrong direction. Everyone should know this character because it is the person male or female you spend your evening screaming at the screen or TV "HE'S AROUND THE CORNER-NOT THAT WAY- DUMB ASS....." the phrase could go on forever. 

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Bob from "House By The Cemetery"

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Nope dawn of the dead is where they use the dog to deliver supplies to "andy" through a trap door and the redhead was a stupid teenager that tries to save the dog risking everyones life not including she cries and tells the most depressing whit like shut the tuck up I'm glad she died at the end.

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Penny Wise the Clown

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The Bald Guy From phantasm 

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The mother on The Shining she is just so crazy

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Roman from Scream 3.  He was one of the main reasons that Scream 3 recieved a bad rating.  I mean, yeah, he revealed the secrets, but it was made too long...

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Is Bill Cosby!

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I think Franklin in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is pretty annoying at times lol Also a lot of the victims in the later Halloween sequels :p

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For me I would have to say the girl who plays laurie's character in Rob Zombie's Halloween the movie was awesome, but she sucked! ,shes nothing like jamie lee curtis character, and the new laurie was just all around annoying!


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