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YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i still see your the same dogg!!ha-ha!! I miss you man!! me and shona just been on facebook...she 's in my family group......Had some hard times bro, me and my wife broke up (sep)...I been good though, my team is still in it...RAY LEWIS RETIRED..end of an era. we still down bro , my e-mail is derrickdonnell73@yahoo.com.WE still family so you will contact me!!

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Funny how I really can't remember how the "activity box" looked like anymore, I still liked it better & do remember it was easy to use & see what people were uo to. That is the one thing that I miss the most! But will continue to try to find my way.

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just thot I would drop by & say hey brother !!!

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well now that's a question my friend, how about beens & franks ? gotta come up with an alternative fuel source right ???? With the high gas prices these days !!!!


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Hi H.F. I didn't have alot of time on my hands since my mom died in Oct. was the only person I really loved! Anyhow I've been thinking about everyone here on the net & I've been wanting 2 get back to it but I'm not sure if I'm up 4 the challenge. I went 2 my profile & didn't recognize it. There'salot of unfamiliar people and there were no pictures of friends. Are they all gone? I'll have 2 figure it all out again. Call me a creature of habit but I'm not looking 4ward 2 having to learn anything new on my computer! (I know, bitch bitch bitch!) I just wanted to say hi and hope this finds you in the best of health and doing well.I have to go out right now but Im gonna start trying to figure out how to work things here & see if I've got any friends left tomorrow. TTYL! Staci

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mate i thought the new evil dead was piss poor man, !! total let down !lol,, u beg to differ ,lol

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great gobs of goat shit..HF you got a lot of messages...well anywho...I just went to the Onocologists a couple days ago...tumors are still dormant..so no new news is still the best news..so raise a cup to no new news..lmao...have a great day Brother!!!!!!!!

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I was wondering where you had got to, it really is very silly that the Mansion would be blocked... that means they must have all zetaboards blocked, hundreds of thousands of them!

Guess who joined the Mansion this morning? Piden!!! She got a pm I sent her her months ago and followed it to the Mansion, she was asking after you so you will have to get the peeps in charge where you are to sort their shit out and unlock the Mansion!!!

I will keep checking my profile here until I notice you are back up and running.

Cya later boss!

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long time no see friend. how ya been. hope ya have a good 4th


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