Sickest most perverted horror flick youve ever seen

Sickest most perverted horror flick youve ever seen

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Whats the sickest, most perverted, boderline on obscene horror flick you have ever seen? Just curious.

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I used to think it was "The Human Centipede" until I saw the sequel "Human Centipede 2" (Shudders) truly a sick and twisted story. I have heard many others tell me "Salo" is the worst, but I have never seen it personally

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I would have to say The Hills Have Eyes 2. The rape scene I could have done without.

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The most perverted movie I've seen has to be the last house on the left.


                                       ANNIE HALL



Baby rape ? . . . and a lot of other shite.

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I would say Slaughtered Vomit Dolls. it's just disgusting for the sake of being disgusting, disguised as trying to be an "art film".

It's succeeded and is amazing. I reccommend it anyone who hasn't seen it!

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The ABCs of Death. I got as far as libido and gave up. Too sick even for me.

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dead girl was just a sad excuse for a movie period

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Hanger. thats some nasty shit right there

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The Hills have Eyes 2 was wild, and just plain crazy.



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