Do You Think The New Freddy Is Better Than Robert Englund?

Do You Think The New Freddy Is Better Than Robert Englund?

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Personally, I don't. But everyone has their own opinion. Share it here!

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While it is true that aome actors do not care about their fans, some do like Robert Englund is thought of as a very nice man who loves his fans. He continuously does interviews and attends horror conventions. Englund loves to do photos and autographs for his fans. I would love to meet Robert some day, I have however met Kane Hodder and he seems like a nice guy and  He spends time working with children in burn centers,A good portion of Kane's body was severely burned in a 1980s stunt mishap; his arms and hands took the worst of it, and he normally wears gloves to hide the scars on his hands as a result. 

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no robert englund is master at this i mean the new guy, your just messing with a horror classic, he does the voice perfect and has the face to be freddy honestly they should of never done a remake its nothing like the orginal!

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Mmkkayy... I made an account here just to weigh in on this dead subject. When I first saw the remake I didn’t hate it. I didn’t like it but didn’t hate it. Here’s why. How far are we going to let the idiot’s right to an opinion push the boundaries of good/bad taste? The reason why some artist’s paintings sell for thousands of dollars and others don’t isn’t a matter of how realistic it is or how bright and shiny the paint is. It’s a matter of ART. Who the hell wants to see Bryan Singer’s Mona Lisa? And worse yet who wants to see it and then call it better than DiVinci’s own? Like it or not, the original Nightmare on Elm Street IS art. Wes Craven, Bob Shaye, and Co. built and brought you a cutting edge brilliant FILM that told a classic story of good versus evil and introduced the most recognizable and fully realized villain since Frankenstein. That film went on to launch an entire production company and spiral into a juggernaut horror franchise… arguably the best horror franchise, certainly the most well-known worldwide. They did this WITH THEIR HANDS AND MINDS. Every single effect you saw in 100% of Nightmare One, and 85% of the Nightmare series was blood sweat tears and innovation. What they did on the remake was poorly copy the genius of the original Nightmare plot, then cast an actor that genre fans would feel guilty hating as Freddy and as Nancy a girl who blatantly hated her role and portrayed Nancy as moody unlikeable and disinterested, then for the effects they use outdated shitty cgi and slap the name “Nightmare on Elm Street” on it. It was an insult to every effects man who worked on the original series and a slap in the face to real fans of the original series. If you like this kind of remake bullshit then fine, but keep your mouth shut because you’re ruining it for the rest of us who still want to go out to the movies and see art. Art isn’t a matter of OPINION. There’s art, and there is shit. As for which Freddy is better I’m sure Jackie Earl Haley himself would say Robert Englund was better, so get real, and stop allowing yourself to be spoon-fed remake garbage, because I am tired of it stinking up the place and I know I’m not alone.

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No way. You can never replace Robert.

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Robert Englund will Always be the best as Freddy.     

He is the the original so I dont think any other actor can play freddy as good as Robert Englund can. 

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cant replace Robert Englund, unless maybe Daniel Day Lewis wants to take up the part..... dont see that happening to soon

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I would have to say I like both versions however Robert Englund brought some comic relief with his humorous puns.He made the charactor of freddy animated.Did anybody realize that the actor who portrayed Feddy in the remake also was"Kelly" from the original Bad News Bears?


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