Friday the 13th for the NES!!!

Friday the 13th for the NES!!!

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I still own this game. I liked how it was done. Funny but Jason would scar the heck out of me. I never beat it have you? It would be sweet if they made a new one or a idea of something like Resident Evil 4 but with having the guns. They would tie all great horror icons into the story.

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Played it for days...never beat it


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the game was no good niether was the nightmare on elm sytreet game but if they would make a game now a days on either of them they should have plenty of playable characters with each one of them dying except for a select few or one certain character who actually kills jason or freedy or even if they decide to make a halloween game would be awesome

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i got as far as the first house and i could not figure out what to do so i gave up

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I got that game and nightmare on elmstreet. I got 100's of classic NES 8 bit games on my pc. If someone knows how i could put if up for play in the forum let me know.

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I still own my copy but I have not played it in many years. It was one of the hardest nes games to complete.

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man that game was tough when i was a kid never beat it i'd stay up for hours playing that and every time jason popped out i about sh myself rock on gamers

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LOL, I still remember walking into a house and the would be jason with his pong graphic styled machete scared the piss out of me

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I still play this game on my NES emulator on the computer. Its an awful game, but has a level of charm. I beat the game several times... its not that hard, but it is very very very tedious. I beat it without having to get the pitchfork, which, according to the manual, you have to obtain to beat Jason. It turned out you only had to defeat him three times no matter the weapon you used.

Now, one game that was IMPOSSIBLE to beat was Nightmare on Elm Street for NES. I couldn't beat that even with multiplayer help! One of my friends beat it, but only with the help of a game genie.

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the game was fun I could never beat it but never stopped me for playing over and over again

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I could never beat jason the second time,he was just to fast.


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