Bloody Mallory

Bloody Mallory

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Any one see this movie on FearNet yet???

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the only thing I liked about it was on her fingers tattooed fuck evil hee hee It didnt do much for me though ...

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it was definitely bubblegum for the brain...had it in the background while I was too busy posting here...not much good for anything else....

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could not get thru the first half hour, almost fell asleep

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This movie put me to sleep.

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cancle that sit plzz moving right along

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No... Is it worth the time?

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It's a fun movie. Don't go in expecting Horror Masterpiece Theatre, just kick back and watch it. It's extremely silly but entertaining.

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dont even click on the info for this movie complete waste of time i watched this crapfest for 15 minutes and even that was to long for this dumb movie should have turned it off after it showed the ghoulies

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I think if you can stomach foreign films it's worth a shot. Beginning started off promising but overall not that great. As a horror fan still sat through it all, have seen worse (especially foreign)and I didn't kick my self in the balls for wasting my time. Probably more fantasy then horror though.

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Sucked balls is all I can say about this movie. Seen worse? Sure, but it doesnt negate the fact that I will never be able to get that two hours of my life back.


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