Females in horror

Females in horror

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Females we need a little credit that we can be bad and killers not just the men we are not just the brides for these men we are killers to we need to be reconised sorry guys

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big breasted, barely clothed teenage baby-sitter = B-move slasher fodder

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And I hate to bring up the movie cause it was a "love or hate" movie, but the big twist at the end of Urban Legend was that the killer was the girl.


was just gonna make that point myself Night....and don't forget Carrie and Abandoned w/ Kate Holmes.

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a lot of asian horror movies all have a girl as a killer so if thats what you want check out the asian horror movies

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Yes we do need more intelligent and tough women in horror films. Any idiot can produce a film with some silly girl running around almost nude screaming her head off for most of the movie. What's harder is a woman that can out think and out fight her assailant with what's at hand. The Descent was a good example of a film with lots of tough woman fighting off bizarre creatures while trapped! Besides what kind of stupid message are they sending out to the audience.

Thank you for your point that was my opening thank you

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Most movies I have seen the female is the person who kicks ass and saves the day.I think it all started with jamie lee.......

Zombie Queen

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Yes, some of the late seventies/early eighties slasher flicks are insulting to women. It was always the same thing with some girl just starting to get away from the killer/monster/zombie and then she twisted that darn ankle and it was all over. My personal favorite was only the "virgin" girl survives the crazed killer. All the other females are sliced and diced but not the virgin as she would prevail.

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Hun you need to watch American Pscho 2 trust me you'll love that chick!

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I think that it is not far that in horror movies that we always die. But i think it would be cool if sometime hat in the movies that all of the girls woul survia

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That's because we LOVE to hear you chicks scream when you're being stalked, brutalized, tortured, murdered, disemboweled and dismembered!

Nobody wants to hear a guy scream, jeez.

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