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But do you actually consider the movie a horror movie, or not?

Im torn.

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This movie wasn't what i would call Horror. It was gross and disgusting. I never want to see it again. Every time i see that dog i just want to vomit !!!!

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Horror. It has all the creepy elements plus that dog got really scary when the rabies hit full tilt.

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its horror

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Ever since my son was bit in the face by a dog, they SCARE the shit out of me! It happened to be MY dog of several years. I did beat the shit out him, splitting my hand open getting sevral stitches, but the cops ordered him asleep. It was a mix of german shepard and huskey. My son loves dogs so much I did as much research I could and came up with the perfect dog.

Miniature Schnauzer!

This is not a pic of my dog but very close.

u beat a dogy???????

....i guess its justified....but only cuz it bit your son......i guess.....maybe...

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i do just because i think this is a simple story. like when you think about it, a whole lot of people know what its like to get bit by a dog, even if the dog is a playful puppy, it still can hurt. so it's a movie where everyone can pretty much feel what the person is going through.

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Yes I believe Cujo's a horror movie it's always in the horror section at the rental stores and where you can buy it..Course I was a little kid when I saw it for the first time, and I was terrified..But still I believe it to be a horror flick...Not to mention my dog on occicasion can be just as scary as CUJO even though he's smaller dog, he's a terrier and it hurts like a bitch when he bites, I've been bitten twice in the 3 and half years I owneed him,so that makes the movie scary to me...

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I just figgured it was in the horror section because there is violence and blood in the movie. But was never sure since hes not a real monster, not a zombie.

Its a good movie, and even better book. Definitly a classic.

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Good question. I don't know. The whole lable thing can get pretty hairy with some movies... is it horror or thriller, horror or action, sci-fi or horror or any cross breeding imaginable, LOL Maybe some criteria should be layed out?? It might be a horror movie if.....

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When Old Yellar got rabies and tried to take a bite out of Arlis did you stop and say to yourself man this isn't a family show at all this is Horror,of course not so in my mind Cujo isnt either.The movie was okay but a dog different from that dumb ass St Bernard might have given this film a little more teeth


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