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On December 25 lets all leave this web site online. If your browsing the internet just minimize this site and open another browser. If your doing nothing, leave this site on line. Anybody and everybody that reads this just sign on to this site and minimize or what ever as long as you are signed on. Pass this along and do this then on this day we shall break the record!!! I just thought it would be cool to do. LETS DO IT!!!

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Im in. Got nothing better to look at online on Christmas I guess.

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Let's get this party started! I am there who's bringing the egg nog?

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I'm in!!

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Sure I'm in.

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we'll leave the computer on.

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I am so in it's not funny

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wish i could have taken part

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There's over 27,000 victims so lets get in the thousands!!!

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If I turn my computer on that day, I'm in.


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