worst to be chased by

worst to be chased by

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if somebody was chasing you who would you hope is wasnt

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I think anything CHASING me would be freakin scary..LOL

And the fact that I hate running would mean that I would be defitnely killed..

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Well ther is this crazy chic at work that scares the hell out of me.

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A horny fat guy who keeps trying to hump you.


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The zombies frm 28 Days Later... Those fools were ravenous and just didn't stop!!!!

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Leather Face

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micheal myers

I totally agree

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The Texas Chainsaw massacre maniac or the nightflyer demon creature from Jeepers Creepers. There is something aboua loud chainsaw that is unnerving and the fact that no matter what yo do, a nightflying demon will get you no matter what you do. it can outrun you and fly persistantly after you!

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OMG, I hate that commercial!! LOL.....I can't believe you put that up.........that commercial with him running around is creepy as hell!!

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This guy here would scare the crap out of me;

Just the sound alone of him walking (or running) towards you is enough to give you a heart attack! I remember seeing this in the movie theater and the part where you "hear" him coming before you see him, that was bad enough. He can run and jump pretty damn high and far too.....does not bode well for someone trying to run away!!

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I'm going with Jason because no matter how fast you ran that dude was just walking right behind you


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