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Horror movies come in all shapes and sizes. But few tackle the on going war between evil and hell like Something Wicked.

"The Creator knew Armrageddon's approaching upon the dawn. On this world the last Nephilm's breed to make war against heaven and hell. Long ago his birth signaled a shift of what is, to what shall be. His release release will bring the universe to the brink of destruction. Even through he created all things, he can to do nothing, but watch."

In the near future, the last Nephilm a being capable of making war on heaven and hell. Has been unearth, Rashallon The Destroyer, Luicfer's only child soon will be free to bring about the End Time.

But there's a catch, Lucifer doesn't want the End Time to occur. While his ex-wife, Tannuis Queen of Evil expects her son to do what he was spawned to do. Prepare the way for the second Anti-christ Donald Pathon.

Rashallon has his own agenda, he plans to rule till the stars burn out in the sky. The Creator seeing the divison in evil, unleashes his trump card. A crack team of select Ch'i Masters, their mission. Kill the last Nephilm and bring about the end time. An epic fight between the two Antichrist camps allows The Creator to step in and do away with certain fallen Angels.

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kewl title

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love the title soundswicked indeed

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I haven't heard of this one,it does sound wicked though! Thanks for posting it!



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Is this that 1999 movie?

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No, this is someone who thinks he's a screenwriter trying to generate interest in his pre-teen delusions. Not a real movie. Although I could see it with Uwe Boll at the helm.

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I love the title.

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This guy sucks...its not even an original movie title...there are songs named this, albums, damn dude this is the 2nd item you have stolen.

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