Searching for Heizman

Searching for Heizman

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Searching for Heizman is a psycho killer movie that rolls of the blair witch vibe. But they take it one step further by it being the documentery of the making of a documentery searching for a man who made a pact with the devil and started a satanic cult.

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Sounds like fun. Is there a website?

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I got it in a psycho killer box set. one of those 5 movies for 10 bucks deals. So I have no idea. Check IMDB and hopefuly I spelled Heizman right Oo

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years ago i was contacted by the filmmakers through the the fangoria website about reviewing this one but for some reason they never sent the copy out.

i was in the video store today and saw that Brentwood 12 Pack with this one. I think it also has Collinwood (or something close to that title) that i've heard some positive word of mouth about.

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