Ultimate no budget movie

Ultimate no budget movie

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Night of the Living Dead. It was Filmed by George A Romero (one of my heroes) With the cast consisting primarily of friends and relatives. To this day it still has a great fan following and it sparked a legendary horror career

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The difference between NOTLD and Blair Witch, IMO, is that the first is a good movie in an age of little promotion and the second was a bad movie with lots of very clever promotion. I like the way Blair Witch tricked a lot of people, but as a stand alone flick there's not much to it worth a second viewing. I understand its place in pop culture history, but not as a classic horror film. 

And yeah, Evil Dead is obviously one of the classic nearly no budget films of its time. A couple of others I absolutely love that not many people talk about are Skinned Alive and The House on Tombstone Hill. These movies are so obscure that I had to write in their plot synopsises on IMDB myself!

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I talk about this movie all the time, but it was so bad that it was good. The movie is "Thankskilling." I looked it up on the internet and the actually made the movie for $2,700 or something like that. it was very very low budget. I was high as hell when i watched it and the only things i can remember about it is the turkey, which looked like a handpuppet they bought at the Dollar Tree, had the best one liners since Rodney Dangerfield. In one scene the Turkey was about to rape a girl and he broke out a gravy flavored condom before bending her over doggystyle. It was funny as can be. My fiance really didn't like it to much, but then again she doesn't like any movie that i like. I think the movie is worth watching atleast one time.

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That's insane. Right now I'm actually making a short LOW budget film in around my neighborhood. Hoping it will turn out to be little horrifying.

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Ratman looks awesome! Two more great no-budget flicks (and by great I mean entertainingly bad) are Little Corey Gory and Kingdom of the Vampire.


All I know is this. . . . . . in my town movie admission is now $15.50. They already stated that the goal was to make admission $20. Thats not counting if they do 3D and then want between $3.50-$5 MORE. For that kind of money, I am not only NOT interested in paying to see somebodys fuking homework, I am NOT willing to be conned, as they did in paranormal craptivity and make someone rich for putting out amateur shit. EVERYBODY wants to be a filmaker/movie "star"/director AND be rich. FINE. . . . . just dont plan on doing it over my bones with a movie only the "filmakers" mom and dad think is great.FINISHED PRODUCT

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Other than going to see the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th remakes (both of which I knew I would hate but felt obliged to give them a shot as a longtime fan of both series), I haven't paid to see a movie in the theaters in many years. No love for horror from major studios anymore - they screwed up too many times. These days my horror soures are all local, indie, Netflix and of course Fearnet.

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Ratman looks pretty cool, but it also looks like it's from a time when "no budget" meant something different.  It still probably cost tens of thousands of dollars if not more and with that kind of investment people were bound to take their jobs a bit more seriously.

Weekend warriors with video cameras often try to pump out movies between bartending gigs or shooting weddings for a living and as passionate as they may be they pay for special F/X with what's left after the rent is paid and groceries are put on the table (If they're smart).  I just wish Netflix would stream more of these flicks.  At $8/month people are likely to take the movies more on their true value rather than, "I spent $50 bucks to see this crap and eat popcorn?!" 

Actually, an independent, FREE section of FearNet would make up for the money problems altogether. Well, the spending it to see it, not earning back investment.


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