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So has any else seen this and what are your opinions? I thought it was hands down the most disturbing piece of cinema that I've seen in years.The pub dance scene is an instant classic.

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I've been wanting to see this film so bad.

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I was at a local BLOCKBUSTER just a day or two ago and they had it for rent but only 1 copy of it.

I rented something else but next time I go back I will rent it. At first I thought it might be a good "halloween" flick but then I remembered the trailer ... I have a feeling this is gonna be one rough movie.

Which is fine but for Halloween I wanted something that wasn't gonna be so rough LOL

I'll report back after I watch it.

- John "FulciLives" Coleman

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I bought it, and I have to say that it is one strange film. I liked it a lot. It was obviously influenced by Deliverance, which should make all males uncomfortable. Either that, or make them all squeel like pigs.

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Thanks for all the input,I definetly will see this one!!

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I saw this film and it pissed me off watching it, The main character just seems to go along with everyone in the village torturing and havng there way with him in the worst possible ways. I just kept watching this movie and thinking why doesn't he fight back. It was a odd movie, It's worth watching once, But I wouldn't see myself watching it again.

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Expect an official FEARnet review soon!

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I've really wanted to see this...

Best Buy unfortunately doesn't carry it and I missed it on IFC, so I guess I'll have to order it.

The trailer definitely looked like something very interesting, but I wonder if I'll watch it more than once.

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I finally got a chance to see this,a mind blower of a horror film!! Some of the most derranged towns people I've ever seen.God I felt so bad for the poor guy who was stranded there.This is one you will not soon forget!!

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I didn't think it was that bad. Disturbing,it was and I believe the pub scene was an homage to another movie but at this moment I can't remember which one. I think he couldn't fight back cause he was so frigged up in the head! Not too bad at all!

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I like the movies like this in the 70's but I really did not care for this one much.


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