The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

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C'mon what's more disgusting than watching someone get his face cut off and fashioned into a mask? Nothing. And the camera dosen't blink for a moment.

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I thought it was totally awesome!

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I thought it was great.

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XxkaosxX, I love your avatar.

lol thanks!! GIR is my hero

Off subject as it may, I love Invader Zim as well. It's a dark cartoon, it's as close to a horror cartoon as I think we're going to get.

I love Texas Chainsaw Massacres so much, that there can be no wrong in any of them. I love how gorier they are when they're remade.

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I liked this one better than the original had chills watching it and thats a rarebee for me.

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This movie was hilarious. Liked it ok. I credit them for givin leatherface somethin to kill wit besides a chainsaw but he is still a pussy in the race to b top killer

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Thought it was a good movie. Would have liked to have seen more of the beginning of Leatherface's beginning in life. Overall, the gore was great.

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I was disapointed that chop-top didn't show up. When I saw the guy come out of the pool with the knife in his mouth I was like "hot shite! Chop-top!" But then I was let down. I mean, they were even talking about Vietnam for a good part of the movie!

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I thought it was pretty good..It could have been a bit more "descriptive" of their past/life...

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I was alittle disappointed by this movie. I had such high hopes, but was let down. The only good thing about it was it explained alot of the history of the Hewitt family. But it really did not scare me that much... But I would still recommend that everyone watch it just for the history part of it.

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i liked this movie a lot. it was better than the first remake.


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