comedy vs.horror

comedy vs.horror

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i love both but only one will win vote to tell me or parish.

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horror comedy is good

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Return of the LIVING DEAD!....BOTH!

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Horror forever and always!!!

But a mix is cool too, like Chucky or Freddy does. =

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Horror with no comic elements at all - no if ands or buts. i like the fear coated thick - no comic relief.

Obviously, it makes it difficult when I have a date and we sit down to watch a movie from my void-of-comedy dvd collection haha.

I dig The Big Lebowski though!

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Of course horror! And I hate those stupid Scary Movie movies. Making fun of slashers...they'll get theirs!

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i think horror should have some comedy elements, as long as there is more horror to it.

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I love horror and I love comedy so it's a tough call.  Well, with a lot of comedy movies I laugh my ass off.  With a lot of horror, I don't jump or gasp like the person watching it with me does.  I hate watching horror movies with anyone for that reason.  Since I enjoy both, I love horror comedies such as Idle Hands, Shaun Of The Dead, and One Eyed Monster.  Real tough call but I love to laugh so I'm gonna have to say comedy.


Movies have rarely been as funny as real life with my friends. A witty, funny ass bunch. And when I see horror, I WANT TO FEEL FEAR or at LEAST understand how frightening that situation can be if real. THERES NO ROOM FOR HUMOR other than an occasional crack of "graveyard humor" when faced with a horrendous moment. While I HAVE enjoyed some horror comedy, like the very amusing TUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL, by and large, if horror was ALL like that or some of the others mentioned, I would cease to be a fan.


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