what do u tell ur children wat holoween is when they ask

what do u tell ur children wat holoween is when they ask

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tell me wat u would tell them

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the truth as I know it

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hmm no kids yet but I would probably tell them if you bad today you will get really scared or even die so thats why we give you candy as a reward so you act good all day...lol the lil brat better be good or I would scare his ass that night if he wasnt lol...

I would tell them the same thing

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My son's four so I just tell him it's a day to get free candy. I don't know what school says though.

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Id first tell them that the correct way to spell "wat" is what. Then id say "Its the boogy man's night,he will come kill you if you are bad"


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I would say that Halloween comes from the ancient festival of Samhain on Oct 31st. The day ghosts of the dead return to earth. Ancient Celts dressed up in animal heads and skins and told of each other's fortune and burned huge bonfires on ensure protection of winters crops.

no just kidding, my kids never asking me about the meaning behind Halloween. They just know they get free candy.

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Boo, now don't eat to much candy.

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I would tell them that it is all about having fun being something that you are not and getting candy for it!

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I told my kids that halloween was the one night of the year when ghosts and ghouls can walk the earth with us. My son thought it was greet and my daughter wouldn't leave the house

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If I had kids, I would tell them that I am never letting them out of the house, because of Mike Myers. And also I would never hire a baby sitter to let them watch scary movies with Mike Myers running around. They can watch them when ever they want other then that because I am going to be the kind of parent that doesnt wanna field those kinda question.


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