A fight, Chainsaw Massacre or Michael Myers

A fight, Chainsaw Massacre or Michael Myers

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I personally think Thomas Brown Hewitt ( tcm)

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myers would win he cant die hes had his head cut off i mean come on


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i would have to say leather face would win cause his brothers would help him in his fight against micheal and his chainsaw would have more power then a butcher knife

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Micheal is no match for the Chainsaw.

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Myers would win easy he'll break him in half

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Myers would he has taken a chainsaw to the cheast before. There is no stoping him from doing distruction upon chainsaw myers is one of the best.

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myers would win he cant die hes had his head cut off i mean come on

That wasn't him, it was a paramedic or a cop or someone like that. Chainsaw would eat him for breakfast. Myers is too slow

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Has to be hands down Michael Meyers the guy has been rising from the dead since I was a kid. I think the better fight would be Michael Meyers and Jason


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Michael Myers no contest the guy had had his head chopped off for the love of god and he's till hacking away, i must admit he is my hero


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michael myers would win

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chainsaw against a knife seems like an unfair fight so I would definately give an edge to Leatherface. Only edge I see for Micheal he's worn the mask longer less likely to have any slippage of the face gear in a fight and all that unadulterated evil would give him a punchers chance. My heart would be with Michael but I think leatherface would take him down



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