A fight, Chainsaw Massacre or Michael Myers

A fight, Chainsaw Massacre or Michael Myers

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I personally think Thomas Brown Hewitt ( tcm)

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myers would kick the ever loving shitt out of hewitt

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myers would kick leather face's ass

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michael all the way

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Myers would win. I mean he's been shot in the eyes,stabbed,set on fire,dicapitated, what else can they do him that hasn't already happened. Their just a bunch of psycho cannibals. Michael would kill them before they could eat him.

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At first thought, the chainsaw screams POWER.

But Mike just won't die. He won't. So....hmmmm...

I'm partial to Michael Myers anyway, so my bet's on him. Unless he immediately gets both arms cut off, then I guess he'll just have to bite TCM like the Black Knight on Monty Python's Holy Grail....

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Michael Myers no question.

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its a no brianer leatherface would cut micheal myers up a knife against a chiansaw

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Leatherface.... Mike is getting a bit soft in the last couple of his movies I thought....

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i think Thomas Hewitt would take it all home!


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