A fight, Chainsaw Massacre or Michael Myers

A fight, Chainsaw Massacre or Michael Myers

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I personally think Thomas Brown Hewitt ( tcm)

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michael myers

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You kiddin'? Leatherface has a chainsaw! Chainsaw! And besides, he could get his whole family to help, Mike dosen't have many friends. And Leatherface is just as invinceable, as he's been hit with stuff and had his leg and arm cut off, and stabbed in the stomach with a chainsaw.

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Leatherface would overkill myers. Myers is the biggest pussy and the most uninnovative piece of shit my eyes have been disgraced with.

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I wuld say Jason instead of the chainsaw mass guy besides myers always has a knife.

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I'm a Leatherface fan, so obviously I would say him. It would be funny to see him get a 2 for 1 face special! I wonder if he'd be aggravated or actually use the one that's plastic though.

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Myers would be Slain. Sure he cant technically die, but Leatherface would dismember all of his limbs, and Daddy would make some Chili from Michael for Ole' Leatherface to eat.

Plus, A Knife? C'mon now.....

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Look how big Leatherface is! He could break Myers in half! And then that badass chainsaw, Leatherface would totally dominate that fight!

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well it is very unfair how myers is industructable, giving him a HUGE advantage. Although, Myers would probably still win if each had same mortality because leather face is a little too "crazy" and would b swingin his chainsaw as his neck is getting slit by myers. its a tough call.

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I think Thomas Hewitt will win hands down.


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