top scariest movie of all time for you

top scariest movie of all time for you

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Mines, I would have to say the original Exorcist

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shining..exorcist first nightmare on elm about phantasm.that old guy is very scary.also children of the corn scared the hell out of me when i first watched it,iwas 7 or 8.

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the exorcist

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Ok, I have two. The first is an old 70's one called Burnt Offerings. I was young at the time and there was a part at the end where a man fell out of a second story window and his face splattered against the windshield of his car while his little boy watched from inside the car. It was graphic and freaked the shit out of me. The second was Cujo. When I was younger, my cousin and I would hunt wild dogs because they'd kill my grandpas chickens. After seeing that movie, I was wanting to kill anything that even resembled a St. Bernard.LOL

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The Exorcist just by hearing her voice & her giggles makes me want to sleep with my lights on after watching that movie & also The Entity is scary just thinking how scary is to be attack from something you can't even see.Evil Dead have some scary moments & take you the edge of your seat.

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The only movie that ever really scared the living hell out of me was It,

I was scared to go to the bathroom for weeks after I saw it.

Probably because I was in like first grade though.

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The Exorcist & Hellraiser both are scary

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i was 7 or 8 when

i first saw it

alone in my bedroom

with the lights out

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for me it was a throwback, which was i know what you did last summer and the sequel.

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First movie to ever scare me I mean terrify me was Killer Clowns from Outer Space low budget cheesey but for a 5 year old it hit the spot on the terror scale. Second Scariest was Pumpkin head at age 8. I don't think I have been truely scared by a movie since back then.

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pet cemetery 2 when scared me soo much that i didnt want my dog anymore.

the ring did it for me when i was 15, didnt sleep for months


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