House of 1000 Corpses or Devils Rejects

House of 1000 Corpses or Devils Rejects

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To me they were a big let down

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even though neither are my favorite movies, Rob Zombie did bring something back to the horror genre. But i think Devils Rejects was a much better movie.

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I though both were alright

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The Devil's Rejects kick ass, it was way better than House Of A 1000 Corpses.

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I watched devil's rejects first not knowing that house of 1000 corpses was the first......i just watched house 2 nights ago....i like devils rejects better but i will buy house of 1000 corpses just to have it and watch it when i'm in the mood................

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for me, Devil's Rejects was better, mostly cos House Of... kinda lost me at the end. i'm more a blood n guts kinda girl than a sci fi bitch.

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I think devil's rejects was so much better..

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house of 1ooo going to go down in history as one of best horor movies ever,but dont think rob but half the work or thought in devils rejects was very disapointed with it what happend to granpa just wasnt half as good as house. now robs hollowen was great.

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Devils Rejects was better but both were really good, I love the evil mind of Rob Zombie he has an awesome twist on the demented that has been missing in horror movies the last few years!

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The Devil's rejects. The fact that it was the more realistic of the two makes it more enjoyable overall. House is a fun film, but the Dr. Satan sequence seems out of place with everything else in the film.


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