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Hello Fearnet horror fans!!

I'd like to offer up 5 copies of my movie to 5 arm-chair critics, to love or loathe then leave a review of my movie here at in this thread.

If you just want a copy of my movie because it's free and you have no intention of reviewing it, forget about it.

But if you are an active participant on these boards and I can see it by how many posts you have to your name, PM me and I'll add your name to the potential list of "critics" who will receive my movie "Live Feed" to review.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you hardcore gore fanatics who dig the disgusting, disturbing content.

If you've rented or purchased "Live Feed", I want to thank you and I also want to know what you think. Leave me some "Live Feedback" here on this thread because your opinion counts.

Oh, for the ladies here, if you want to get a free "Live Feed" t-shirt, all you have to do is PM your shirt request and then once you get your FREE "Live Feed" t-shirt, I want a picture of you in it to post on my various websites.

FREE FREE FREE what more can I say! For more info on "Live Feed", "Plotdigger Films" and me, please visit the sites below!


Ryan Nicholson

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One dvd spoken for, four to go! Come on gorefans and critics, PM me before the offer is null and void.

And ladies, I have t-shirts!! PM me for yours.


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Only 3 dvd's left and come on ladies! I know you want a free "Live Feed" t-shirt!



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I'd love to check it out ....

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If you have any left, I'd be interested in veiwing one and let you know what I think. I'm always looking for a good gory movie. Let me know.

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I miss real gore movies. Is this like hardcore gore? If so hook me up! I'm not in the least squeamish.

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i would be honored to view your

movie then give you my opinion

on it

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I think that all scary movies are good. Some of them are silly as sin.

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It is a really great movie..I had the opportunity to view it for was great..there are a few parts that will make you gringe.

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If you have any dvd's left, I'd love to critique it for you and I would LOVE to get a t-shbirt and be honored to model it for you. I also model for a couple other "gore" tpe websites on myspace, so I'll come up with a very creative, yet sexy picture for you!!



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