Blood Line

Blood Line

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First off hello I am new here and already love it! I am a f/x artist hand applied, airbrush, makeup, props and of course Blood and guts. I for one love old school makeup, sitting in my shop and creating illusion and magic. To shove my hand through a chest and out the back is no easy task, but done right it looks great. The things I do, even though I am sure cgi can also, it just is not the same. Cgi is great when used right,it is an art of it's own and I do respect it but Hollywood relies on it way too much and it is abused. It looks so different when an actor is spitting up his guts in front of a camera and not a computer doing it for him. So my question is, Your thoughts on hands on or, CGI. I look forward to talking to all of you. . .

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I love the old school. It really takes skill to do what you do... and I think that is awesome. I wanted to do FX but I'm a teacher of one year olds instead. Your job sounds so cool.

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I agree with Hermisia. Nothing can replace the old school latex and blood in a bag special effect. CGI is cool but you're right. The movies rely too heavily on it for EVERYTHING. Would anyone here have wanted to watch Dead Alive or Evil Dead with CGI? I don't think so.

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CGI soo overdone. I hate to say it in case im wrong, but has anyone seen FEAST! Now that was good old school effects! Beats a tron-like creature anyday! IM not saying it doesnt take skill to do the cgi as well, just i know what i like!!

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I just would not like to be on a set and have an actor running around in a tight jumpsuit with little dots on it so they can plug him into a computer, just to make his or her guts explode when I know a microchip cant make it look any better than a real person Doing the makeup hands on. I consider them more cartoonist then to be on the same list as a f/x artist. I'll take a Tom Savini, or Dick Smith anyday. And as for the 1st grade teacher, it's never to late to get involved somehow and learn, (if you have some time check out local Haunted Houses or small theater) both are great training grounds.

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What was the grossest bloodiest part in a zombie movie you"ll never forget? My personal fav. is the gut's getting tore out of the insane Cpt. at the end of Day of the Dead. The best part of that effect is those were real pig inards. Yummmmmmmmmm!!!!

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