Alyse Wax

11/14/2011 - 5:27am
Another day, another day to search for Sophia. Rick and Shane head out together and at first, their conversation is light, talking about the action they got in high school. Then it turns heavy when Shane tells Rick he thinks that the search for Sophia is the wrong plan. It is unlikely that she is alive, it is spreading the group too thin and frankly, Sophia is becoming a liability.
11/13/2011 - 4:42pm

Alamo Drafthouse has a very special program planned to ring i

11/13/2011 - 5:43am
It is the Winchesters' annual Vegas pilgrimage. While Dean is flirting with a cocktail waitress at a strip joint, Sam is on a "crunchy, hippie, douchebag hike." That is, until Sam texts Dean, telling him to meet him a few blocks away - and wear your Fed suit.
11/12/2011 - 1:40pm
A pretty young woman gets on a bus. A flashmob erupts, dancing to "YMCA" of all things. The mob gets off at the next stop... and the woman is dead.
11/11/2011 - 4:33am
Like the best episodes of TVD, this one is focused completely around a complicated, multi-layered plan to kill Klaus. The high school gym has "mysteriously" flooded, forcing the homecoming dance to move to Tyler's house - a massive Lollapalooza-style party with My Morning Jacket playing
11/10/2011 - 7:12pm

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11/10/2011 - 6:56pm

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11/10/2011 - 12:38pm

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