Culture Crypt

04/10/2014 - 4:03pm

More than just well executed and highly entertaining as first-person horror, “Afflicted” turns into the most believable body horror transformation movie I have ever seen.

04/08/2014 - 6:08am

“Wolf Creek” is so successful at injecting unease directly into the bloodstream that a climax accused of being visceral torture for shock’s sake is highly terrifying despite the “it’s been d

04/06/2014 - 3:04pm

“Stage Fright” is broadly funny without being overly silly, gory without being grotesque, and unique in its appeal without ever compromising its identity.

04/01/2014 - 11:55pm

With such a brisk runtime, “Doc of the Dead” cannot help but be likened to one of the infected from “28 Days Later” as it zips through key points of zombie history so breezily that it barely pause

04/01/2014 - 11:55pm

“Haunt” is highly successful at gradually weaving a drape of dread over itself, although it is less on the mark at keeping that fire stoked as the momentum runs out of steam.

03/29/2014 - 5:29pm

Off the bat, “Children of Sorrow” earns a fair amount of goodwill for being psychological “found footage” horror about the inner workings of a death cult instead of routine jump scares set in the

03/28/2014 - 4:22pm

“Alien Abduction” borrows too heavily from a familiar formula for a story that never fully capitalizes on the uniqueness of its premise.

03/18/2014 - 2:37pm

“Late Phases” ends up making a place for itself at the top of the list of werewolf movies least desirable for a repeat viewing. And that is a disappointment indeed.

03/13/2014 - 7:36pm

On its surface, "Starry Eyes" tells a horror story of physical metamorphosis while the deeper theme underneath explores the more intangible terrors that come with transformation.

03/10/2014 - 11:24am

As co-director of "The Blair Witch Project," Sanchez is largely responsible for the 21st century emergence of "found footage" as the go-to format for fledgling filmmakers looking for the easiest in to