Dread Central

02/28/2013 - 8:31pm

Alrighty, kids! We had the opportunity to take in this weekend's horror offering, The Last Exorcism Part II, a bit early and have your review right here. Does it stack up to the original? Yes and no.

02/27/2013 - 7:49pm

A cavernous metropolis parking structure just might be one of the last things considered reminiscent of Christmas. It’s huge, dark, damp, and more than a little cold.

02/27/2013 - 7:31pm

What is a sequel? Does it have to be a direct follow-up?

02/26/2013 - 7:19pm

Well, if nothing else comes out of The Number 23, I can safely say it’s made Joel Schumacher no longer known to me only as the man who put nipples on the batsuit.

02/26/2013 - 4:30pm

I have to admit; over the last few months, doing nearly daily updates on this film (all right, not that many, but way more than most direct-to-DVD flicks), I was actually starting to look for

02/26/2013 - 3:08pm

Girls Against Boys is not about women seeking revenge against their male tormentors - that's a premise more suited for B-movie exploitation - and although that's its main selli

02/25/2013 - 5:52pm

Despite its age Wes Craven's 1972 shocker The Last House on the Left remains one of the hardest movies in our genre to sit through.

02/25/2013 - 5:36pm

I suspect if it wasn’t for Rare Exports – a new modern classic as far as I’m concerned – coming along this past Christmas setting the bar so high, there’s a good chance I may have enjoyed Si

02/25/2013 - 5:06pm

I must admit upfront that I'm not a huge fan of the original Lake Placid.

02/25/2013 - 4:50pm

Entitled La Casa Muda in its native Spanish, Gustavo Hernandez’s The Silent House chronicles the nerve-wracking tale of Laura (Colucci) and her father (Alonso), who are hi