Gregory Burkart

05/25/2011 - 12:48am

Last week's Armageddon might have been canceled, bu

05/24/2011 - 12:20am

The promoters of the well-received "Carnival of Mad

05/24/2011 - 12:02am

It's been exactly two years since Marilyn Manson turned o

05/20/2011 - 1:04am

Photo by Lars Krüger

05/20/2011 - 12:44am

Formed from the ashes of the original post-punk gothic rock

05/19/2011 - 12:35am

Carving out their own gothic punk/metal hybrid dubbed "Doom

05/17/2011 - 11:02pm

Genre-bending metallers Iwrestledabear

05/17/2011 - 10:45pm

One of the first (and finest) purveyors of horror-th

05/16/2011 - 11:41pm

You may have read about Dead Can Dance from FEARnet bl

05/15/2011 - 11:00pm

Florida alt-rockers Cold have a rep for shooting dark and